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Start a Boxes for Moving Business

Ever wished someone could just drop some boxes in you front yard? People move all the time; they move from house to flat to townhouse to farm etc. And they need boxes to move. Sure, many people make use of moving companies, and even they still need boxes. Just as many people move on their own and dread the search for boxes. This leaves a gap in the market for a boxes business.

Where to Get the Boxes

Large supermarkets, liquor stores, hardware businesses, radio, tv and computer suppliers, and small community shopping centres all have boxes. They all have a space at the back of the centres where they throw their boxes. You can collect them once a week or daily. Make an arrangement with several shop owners to collect their boxes on certain days. Note that the security guards may want a cut of the pie and you should thus be willing to tip.

Marketing the Business

Use the carton from a few boxes and stick labels on them with your advertisement on it and drop it in the postboxes of homes. Target houses with a FOR SALE SIGN in front. Do this once a week and whenever you pass a FOR SALE house. Advertise your services in business directories, through a website, Facebook, at community centre boards, and through school newsletters.

Wording the Advert

Your wording should state how you can make their moving experience easier. Wording must be short and sweet. Choose a name that says it all and give a price there and then. Most people shy away from calling or emailing to find quotes. They want prices before they will contact you. If you are thus serious about the business, get confident enough to add the prices on the adverts.

How Does it Work?

Deliver boxes of all sizes to the customer. Price your boxes according to their size. Provide quality recycled boxes and throw out any boxes that don't fit the criteria. You can deliver as many boxes as the customer wants. Establish the area where you deliver and the delivery price. Select a price range that makes it worth their while to make use of your services. Keep in mind, that you must pay telephone, printing, advertising, vehicle maintenance, tax, petrol or gasoline, labor (if you have a helper), and in some cases, fees for boxes. Don't price so low that you work for nothing, but price competively to ensure that they will want to pay the price in return for the convenience. Set a minimum order for delivery.


Author: Isebell Gauche

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