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How to Write a Good Business Proposal

Companies spend so much time and effort in developing their products and services and when it comes to writing the business proposal they fail.

The prospective client is not interested in you, but rather in what you can do for him.

Don't start with a long history of your company and how good you are. Everyone thinks they are the best and starts with their background. What makes you different is what counts. The word 'you' should feature more than 'we'.

Read the client's prospect requirements and follow the points in the proposal. It makes it easier for him to compare your business and abilities to other companies. Call for additional information and requirements if you are not sure.

Spend time on your research, planning and analysis. Decide whether the prospect is worth the effort before you spend thousands on the proposal.

  • Use a cover letter to discuss the potential relationship and request the work.
  • Use an executive summary to recap the whole proposal including pricing.
  • Be precise with pricing and payment terms, but also make sure the client understands what he gets for it.

Write it in easily understandable terms. Refrain from using big words to impress! Customize itl. Your client has unique needs.

  • Don't use one proposal for many jobs.
  • Don't generalize.
  • Be specific about your abilities, the task force, and time period.

If you don't get the work, go over the the review and learn from your mistakes.

Author: Isebell Gauche

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