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How to Start an Online Florist

If you know your flowers, you can start an online florist shop. You can run it from the comfort of your home and bring happiness to many people.

Start-up cost: Less than the normal $15 000 (or R80 000) since you will not have to create a storefront or shop. It will cost the setup of the web page at about $1000 (or R6000).
Potential earnings: $1,000-$4,000 per month (R500 to R20 000).
Typical fees: Add 10% handling fee to the florists.
Advertising: Internet - search engine submission, article submission, banner ads, links, and through florists and suppliers.
Qualifications: You don't need a license since you will facilitate florists and suppliers.
Equipment needed: Delivery vehicle, floral tools, refrigerator, fresh, silk, and dried flowers, baskets, balloons, gift cards if you plan to make the arrangement yourself. If you plan to act as an intermediary you will only need the vehicle or access to a delivery service.
Home business potential: It is perfect to run from your house.
Staff required: Webmaster, delivery person. Optional: florist as partner and a marketer.
Hidden costs: Insurance, taxes, Internet, and telephone.

How to setup the virtual store

Create a web page with loads of articles on the meaning of flowers, different types of bouquets, what to give for each occasion, and a catalogue of arrangements. The user can order any arrangement in your catalogue. Include 10% in the price. Delivery is done via the floral deliveries. The client pays online with a debit or credit card and can write the message online.

Where do you get suppliers for the floral shop?

Contact two or three floral shops in your area and offer to provide an Internet storefront for them. Contact the florist when you get an order. She makes the bouquet and delivers it. Pay her via credit or debit, or if you can arrange it, once monthly. Follow up with the clients and get them to subscribe to a newsletter and weekly or monthly deliveries.

You have an Internet based florist with minimum risk and capital outlay!

Author: Isebell Gauche

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