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Tips for Effective Email Newsletters


  • Keep it short: no more than 300 words.
  • Stay on one topic: discuss one tip or topic.
  • Original: give them something they haven't heard before.
  • Don't fill their inbox: send it once a week or month, not everyday.
  • Make sure your signature block is complete.
  • No spelling mistakes.
  • Don't use jargon.
  • Write it as a letter not an advertisement.

Many email clients have automatic blockage of active content. Be sure to request that they ensure that your emails are amongst the allowed content. Make use of a delivery client software to track reading and responses as such will help you determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Respect the client by not including just ads, but also valuable information. If the reader experiences the newsletter as just another advertising vehicle, he or she will opt out. Note that the unsubrscibe option is compulsory. Rather than having all the content in the email, link to relevant pages at your website and give incentives for viewing specific pages.

Never bore the reader. Once will be forgiven, but a second time around, will mean lost customers forever.

Author: Isebell Gauche

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