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How to Start a Successful
Restaurant Business!

Do you regularly acquire enthusiastic appraisals about your cooking from your guests? Do you have a private store of family recipes that you just cannot share with everyone without at least gaining some commercial value from them? Do you enjoy constant interaction with others? Do you love to cook or work with food?

If you can say yes to any of the above then you may very well fit the profile for a restaurant owner. If that's the case then the restaurant business guide is just for you!

Wanting to own your own diner or perhaps up-market restaurant shouldn't just stay a dream. The guide will be the first step in the right direction.

Find out how to do a market analysis, draw up a business plan and assess the starting up expenses all in one starter guide. Get the basics of a restaurant business in this easy to follow guide.

South African R60 (click buy button below)

International $7 (click buy button below)


Here's a list of the tips, guidelines and information shared in this guide:

  • Things to consider before you begin
    (Establish whether your expectations are real)
  • Evaluate the various options of restaurants
    (Identify the one for you)
  • Start up expenses explained
    (Use as checklist to avoid mistakes)
  • Basics about the menu writing
    (Don't leave important info out)
  • Find out how a market analysis should be done
    (Find out about your customers)
  • Furniture, fittings, and equipment selection
    (Learn about the various options)
  • Staff recruitment
    (How to select and interview)
  • Restaurant industry overview
    (Learn about goal setting for the industry)
  • How to prepare the business plan
    (Know what is required)
  • Borrowing money for start-up
    (Where to look for investors)

Written in everyday English the guide o will address the important questions you may have to help you make an informed decision about whether to start a restaurant or to forget about it.

The aim of the guide is to provide you with an overview of the business as well as offer information about the various steps in the start-up process.

So, why get the guide on how to start a restaurant business?
It provides you with the info you need!

Many people are great cooks, but they are or not business managers or administrators. Others are great at managing a business such as a restaurant, but can hardly boil an egg. The guide will help you to identify your skills and show you how to compromise or get the required skills before you jump in and buy.
Even if you are a super chef, it is only half the battle, you still need an overview of what all the business aspects entail. Whatever your goals, passion and inspiration are - you need knowledge to make the decision. Get the How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business guide to help you get the answers for an informed decision.



Who should buy the guide?

  • Anyone who wants to open a restaurant anywhere in the world.
  • Any person with superior cooking skills who wants to pursue their passion.
  • People who are retrenched and want a lucrative business.
  • Great business managers and entrepreneurs looking for a challenge.

How to buy the ebook

Simply click on the BUY NOW button below and select your option whether for South Africa in Rand or International in US Dollars. Payment is made via Monsterpay that offers secure online payment options. All major credit cards are accepted. Once payment has been made, the ebook (Electronic - you can print it out) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. It is in PDF Format. The book can be printed out, but not sold or distributed free or at a charge.

As alternative payment option you can make an electronic transfer. Simply email us with request bank details for Restaurant Guide in the subject box and we will provide the banking details. Once payment is made, the ebook will be emailed to you. This only applies for the South African payment option.

South African R60 (click buy button below)
International $7 (click buy button below)


The How to Start A Successful Restaurant Business e-book consists of 64 pages. It is the ideal guide for anyone new to the industry. Money Back Guarantee.