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Tips on the CV for Fill Station Owner

Although the fuel station franchise requirements are fairly strict and the investment requirement for a petrol garage is huge, it is possible to purchase one without being a millionaire. It is more than money that counts, it is also experience, business savvy, an excellent fill station owner CV, fuel station business plan and the ability to procure finance.


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Experience required for petrol garages

If you have retail, business management, sales and or a technical background, it will count in your favour when you want to become a petrol garage owner. Make sure you list the experience in such a way as to show your accomplishments. If you simply state your job history, the resume will look the same as that of most other candidates for fuel station ownerships. Draw your experience back to the petrol garage to show relevancy. Here is an example:

Job title: Manager of Fast Food Outlet

  • Managed to increase the turn-over of the outlet with 30% within 6 months.
  • Introduced a new menu which was well accepted by customers.
  • Lowered staff turnaround with 50%.
  • Increased gross profits with 20% within first year of take over.

Business management skills for petrol garages

Accounting, computer literacy, inventory management skills, personnel management, marketing, and tax skills will all be beneficial. If you have worked for a salary most of your career, you needn't be concerned. Read through business magazines and get a feel for business management skills required in most enterprises. Chances are good that you already have these skills although you applied it at an employer. If you owned a small business you'lll be able to demonstrate the required skills in your petrol garage resume.


The biggest issue for most potential fill station owners is financing. There are institutions that will provide financing for fuel station purchases. They have a list of requirements such as security, a full resume, background check and more. You can get the requirements and procedure for application in the service station report. Knowing what documents to get ready before application will not only help you succeed in the application for finance approval, but it will also speed up the process of buying a petrol garage.

Obtain all the information you require to become a new franchisee of a fill station and gain a competitive edge in the race for petrol garages in South Africa.