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Fuel Station Guide on how to set-up, buy, get finance, and evaluate a service station in South Africa

Get the information you need to make an informed decision now before buying a petrol station!

Thousands of South Africans dream of owning petrol stations because they favor the idea of being in control and earning an excellent income. The guide book addresses the due dilligence, location, working with brokers, basics of writing the business plan,introduction to setting up a fuel station, getting finance, and managing the garage.

It's an overview of the fuel industry and the basics you need to know about environmental regulations, labour, licenses, registration and safety specifically in South Africa regarding the setup, running and owning of a filling station. It also provides basic guidelines and links to important acts and resources for people who want to start or set-up their own service stations.

Who should purchase the filling station report?

  • Persons wanting to buy a fuel dealership.
  • People who want information about setting up a service station.
  • Anyone who needs guidance regarding the due dilligence process for fill stations.
  • Business people who want an overview of thedrafting of the business plan.
  • People who need to get financing for the buying of a petrol station.
  • Anyone looking for information regarding such business opportunities for sale and brokers working specifically with filling stations.
  • Anyone that wants an overview of all the factors to consider and wants information regarding fuel station business plan writers and brokers as well as contact details for all the parties involved.

Guidelines for due diligence, agreements, and scouting for fuel stations

The Complete Petrol Station Guide 2014 for South Africa explains aspects regarding retailing, locating, and evaluating a petrol station. Franchise fees, lease agreements, wages, environmental issues, financing, EPOS reports, due diligence aspects, lay-out, etc. are discussed - thus all the basics you need to know if you want to buy fuel stations in SA. It's well-suited for someone looking for an overview.

Learn how to evaluate a filling station for sale, how to set-up a new petrol garage, and how to manage the fuel station

Buy the more than 120 page e-book Complete Petrol Guide 2014
(E-book means an electronic copy - thus a document that is emailed to you as a Word Attachment which can be opened and printed)

Title: Complete Petrol Station Guide (for South Africa) 2014. (Electronic copy- thus a Word attachment sent via email) REGRET NO HARD COPIES as the report is regularly updated - you can however, print it out)
Author: Isebell Gauché
Price: R350.00
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Why Buy the Petrol Guide?

  • Checklists for due dilligence included.
  • Guidance regarding the writing of a business plan specifically for fuel stations.
  • Overview and links to resources regarding the pump price, labour, forecourt management, and environmental regulations.
  • List of business brokers and business consultants dealing specifically with garages and the purchasing as well as business plan writing process.
  • Essential information about the various licenses involved including Site & Retail licenses.
  • Guidance regarding service station business broker selection.
  • Guidance regarding the buying process of petrol stations in SA.
  • Agreement information.
  • Written for today (2014).
  • 120 Plus pages packed with links, lists, essential information, overviews, in-depth information and guidance.
  • Price is only R350.
  • Report is in e-book format (Word document) and sent as an attachment to your email - you may print it out (regret only available in e-format and thus no hard copies because it's updated twice annually).
  • Payment done through Monsterpay - secure payment system or you can make an EFT/direct deposit.
  • Money back guarantee.

Important links to financers, franchises, and institutions for petrol stations

Regulations, convenience store management aspects, the basic fuel price and more make up the due diligence of petrol garages. Getting finance is easy if you know where to look. The Complete Petrol Station Guide for SA includes useful information regarding financers for fuel dealerships and franchises.

Filling station retail license information

Contains information about retail license applications and renewals. It also has information about brokers and consultants who can assist with the retai license applications. In addition, the guide includes information about site licenses and requirements.

Business plan sample and guidelines plus checklists

The guidelines make the process of drawing up a service station business plan and projections for a fuel forecourt a bit easier.Use the checklists for site and business auditing and ensure that you know what to look for in contracts.

Environmental & municipal regulations

Get the basics and links about the various environmental and municipal regulations governing the fuel industry including underground storage tanks, location of the fill station, forecourt lay-out and more.


Contains essential links to ensure that you can always have access to important information.

Avoid making costly mistakes such as:

  • Under or overestimating income.
  • Poor site selection.
  • Being tricked into thinking the fuel station is profitable.
  • Not complying with labor, environmental and statutory regulations.
  • Making mistakes because you lack operational knowledge.

With thousands of people looking to buy fuel stations in South Africa, you need a competitive edge. The petrol station guide will give you the information to help you get started.


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