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We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products. Note that because the products are e-books and reports, you will not have the right to usage, distribution or referencing of the reports if refunded. You agree to not sell, distribute or make copies of the reports even when you have bought the information. The information is for personal usage and you may not give it away freely or distribute, copy or publish it without written permission from the author.

Note that a 10% administration fee will apply to cover the costs of the payment system and bank costs where a refund is requested.

Refunds are only given should the report or e-book ordered not be delivered /received but the content stated in the advertisement is not present in the e-book or report. The refund must be requested within seven days and the reason for refund request clearly stated.

Information or articles supplied by this website and the author may not be used, published, copied or distributed without the prior written permission of the author. Information for which you have not paid in full remains the property of the author and usage thereof will be copyright violation. You may link to this website and you may reference the information supplied.

By ordering information whether in the form of articles, content, e-books or reports, you agree to the terms of usage and the Refund Policy.