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How to Select Fuel Station Brokers

(Isebell Gauche)

When you look for service stations, you can either go the route alone or make use of fuel station brokers. Knowing what to look for when selecting a broker is extremely important as it will also determine the success of the fill station sale transaction.

The guide on petrol station purchasing in South Africa includes vital information to help you select the right person for the job. It also includes a list of relevant brokers and business plan writers around South Africa.

The checklist for selecting the correct person and what to expect is included. The pricing structure, how the agreements are set-up, what the steps are for buying a fill station and what to avoid are included.

It also includes vital financing information such as the financers who specialize in funding of service station purchases, what they require from the applicant and what they want to see in the business plan, CV, and application.

You will learn about the different options available for setting up a fill station and more on some of the regulations. The income of the fill station is explained and how the profit margins work. You will also learn what makes a fill station a good buy.

Armed with this and a lot moreyou will be able to understand the purchase process, avoid pitfalls, and select the best broker. You will learn how you can save and what type of agreement to make. In the end, you want a profitable service station and don't want to spend months before you can operate.

What do you get in the fill station guide?

  • Full 110 plus pages packed with information.
  • In addition, a list of fuel station brokers in South Africa.
  • Plus a list of laws regarding the industry.
  • Checklist for due diligence.
  • List of financers and requirements.
  • Business plan example for fill stations.
  • Service station business plan guidance.
  • Guide to purchasing process.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

Petrol Station Business Guide 2018

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